We designed the platform with the singular
goal of removing I/O bottlenecks for
modern, massively parallel applications.

Make Better Decisions, Faster

Applications are becoming more data-driven, and to be
effective they must process higher volumes of data in
real time to make effective decisions.

Pavilion can turbo-charge any decision-making and
analytics platform by offering massive storage
bandwidth and capacity, combined with low latency,
allowing larger data sets to be processed in real time.


Migrate from being Server-centric to Rack-centric. Replace
internal SSDs with a rack scale offering delivering better
economics through sharing resources while increasing the agility of modern IT.

Pavilion is the first platform that can deliver on the benefits
of rack-scale shared storage in these environments, allowing
stranded and under-utilized direct-attached SSDs to be replaced
by shared low-latency flash storage resources. It does that because
of the unprecedented bandwidth at consistent ultra-low latency in a rack-friendly 4U form factor.